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Conscious Or Unconscious

Achievements are borne out of consciousness and being deliberate. Consciousness that something is missing, not right or should be redesigned . I will try to make you understand why we must be conscious of our consciousness and why we must plan it at the same time. Consciousness you will agree with me is to be at alert and when you are at alert, you are able to identify areas to be improved upon. Remember, “woe unto them who are at ease in Zion”

Consciousness is about what you have immersed yourself in, what you have sold or exposed your heart and soul to. Imagine this, if you soak your piece of bread in a cocoa mixture, when you bring it out, it drips of same thing you soaked it in , “cocoa mixture”
It is so intense and deep to comprehend but when you become aware how much your consciousness and being awake to what you feed your heart and mind can affect your entire being and output even unconsciously, each and every individual will make a firm commitment and deliberate act to be what and who you are called to be. Read More

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Never has gold been found on the surface, never has oil been scooped from the river, never!

Everything in life has got laws and processes governing it, including seeking to find.Everyday, I think about becoming better and I know for sure that the only way it will work for me is by putting some action to the thought and that starts from seeking and knowing what is required and applying them on time.

Back to the process of finding gold. I once saw a documentary on TV involving two(2) European men who came down to Africa in search of gold, of course to make money. They got people back home to invest in their quest. Down in Africa – Ghana , they were taken to the area where gold is mined to pay for space so as to begin their escapade. After acquiring their space, they hired the machine they needed to excavate and crush the materials lifted from the earth so as to make it easier for them to extract gold, if any. They paid for all these services plus a navigator but they did not get result.
Guess what, despite all the disappointments they did not pack up to leave the dream they left their comfort zone to pursue down in Africa. They kept on.
It is in the keeping on and in the endurance in your seeking that your opportunity show up. Better put, your opportunities are hidden in the actions and applications of your seeking galore.

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