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Define Your Path And Part – Probing The Status Quo.


When you discover your path, then your part is inevitable for true accomplishment and completion. Your path defines your destiny, journey, purpose, goal and aim while your part defines the methodology plus the how through which your path is made good by your participation.
The dictionary defines path as a plan of action or way of achieving something. It could also be said to be the road that leads to your chosen endeavour. It is one thing to have plan of action and another to carry out the action, this is where your”part” comes to play. Your part is the actual role you need to play to ensure you go through the path without regrets and with little or no mistakes.
Your path leads to the way of your dream, it is critical as it defines truly what you want to do, become and where you want to go. It is important to note that where you are going is very important as it defines your tomorrow and that in turn is determined by your chosen path. Your chosen or will be path is all about what you have exposed yourself to or the environment you have decided to dwell. Your path can be likened to the type of crop you have chosen to grow and as we all know you don’t expect to sow rice and reap carrot, never. Here your part will be attributed to your actions or inactions that may make or mar your crops.
Let’s face this fact, if you choose to plant maize, that’s all right but you need to play your part by caring for your plant. Watering is required, weeding is needed, fertilising may be necessary and must be applied if we must get maximum harvest.
Certain factors affect your path, they include but not limited to:

1) Association – “show me your friends and I’ll tell who you are” this is one old but evergreen proverb that is always relevant in all ramifications. Your association to some great extent influences your decisions and dream patterns. What advice can you get from someone who does not believe in positivity or who does not believe that dreams do come true? I can tell you, it won’t be far from negatives. We must be careful, sane and deliberate when choosing our associates, because this could make us myopic or set us on the right path if it be good.
This is one great reason life coaches advise that we choose a mentor, whom we may be accountable to and who can help direct our path as well as prune our part.

2) Environment – Some dictionaries define the word environment as the setting or conditions in which a particular activity is carried on. So I will ask, what conditions propel or affect your living or your path? The conditions you allow your mind to dwell or grow in has a lot to do with what you’ll eventually become. Do you know that children who grow up in an environment where their mother’s are abused by their father, without knowing inculcate that same behaviour and exhibit same later in life because it has been stored up somewhere in their heart as a way of life. We must be careful the environment we expose ourselves and our children, we must.

In subtle conclusion, remember your ‘part’ as that human energy and input that comes from you. It is about us doing what is required of each and everyone of us to make the journey through the path worthwhile. It is all about taking responsibility and ownership of our lives through God as well as the situations.
Part is all about taking the option of moving away from the norm towards the better option of upgrading your life and situation, doing the needful all in the right way and at the right time.

If you are walking on the wrong path and perhaps not playing your part, just note that your time inventory will never go right as you would have not managed it properly.

Choose your path, play your part and against all odds you will embrace success.

All-ways and always,
Ngozi Alao.

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One Response to Define Your Path And Part – Probing The Status Quo.

  1. kalu udeh says:

    To me, your slogan “dare to dream” says it all. Just like the great MKO Abiola said in the past, those who don’t dream, can’t see vision. If one dreams and visions then there is a focus and when you focus, you have a target and when you have a target, you aim and when you aim, dare to follow, shoot, act or whatever the action that needs to be done to turn that dream and vision into reality. In the light of the above, I think that positive action helps us define our path and part even when it seems impossible. The mindset must be fed with positive thoughts and the will power to move. Thank u and God bless us all.

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