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Whether male or female, everyone has got his or her part to play. Girl or boy, we must accomplish. One thing gives me absolute confidence and conviction, that it does not matter what sex you are, and that is the proven fact that God has never and will never make a mistake. Not in my time nor in the time to come. So why bother?
For every person created by God, there is a special mission drafted by him in the form of destiny and that is the reason he said in the holy book ” I knew you even before your mother conceived you even while you were in your mother’s womb.
Hello! Did you hear God?
If you are going to permit your fellow human being determine how far you’ll go or what you are gonna become, then your are heading straight to an already made failure. Let me break it down, the woman’s got the eggs and the womb and the man’s got the sperm. Tell me, can we swap the roles? I am pretty sure it is an absolute negative.
For every standing building in the world, there are different inputs that brought about the final job, every input counts and is peculiar to its typical function.
It is like a team, every one with their special skills and inputs but complimenting each others abilities to achieve a common goal.
I love the human body, it explains better what am talking about. We’ve got the brain, eyes, nose, legs, tongue, teeth, heart, lungs, kidney and so on. With each part playing a unique role and none taking the sole glory nor claiming superiority. If any part can stand alone, I would suggest that we store up some blood in a bottle and have it get on the pitch and play me some soccer like Lionel Messi would do.
Come on, God ain’t stupid, he created man and woman to compliment each other. One piece of advice, concentrate on destiny rather than arouse discord amongst gender, it amounts to no success.
Every block in a building stands on the other, imagine a gap before the next set. It will surely take a miracle solely made in heaven for the building process to continue.
Remember world trade centre and how it came crumbling down, all because some part of it has been distorted by unwanted forces. 
The philosophy we are selling in several parts of the world is a distortion to the flow of knowledge, understanding and self esteem and can crumble growth and Unity amongst people, home, community, marriages, religion, sex etc.
Set your own block, put it in place and remember, God cannot make a mistake but we act like he did.
What block are you adding? Let your action and response hence forth on male and female superiority and preference determine.

Dare to dream despite your sex and against all odds.

Ngozi Alao

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