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Conscious Or Unconscious

Achievements are borne out of consciousness and being deliberate. Consciousness that something is missing, not right or should be redesigned . I will try to make you understand why we must be conscious of our consciousness and why we must plan it at the same time. Consciousness you will agree with me is to be at alert and when you are at alert, you are able to identify areas to be improved upon. Remember, “woe unto them who are at ease in Zion”

Consciousness is about what you have immersed yourself in, what you have sold or exposed your heart and soul to. Imagine this, if you soak your piece of bread in a cocoa mixture, when you bring it out, it drips of same thing you soaked it in , “cocoa mixture”
It is so intense and deep to comprehend but when you become aware how much your consciousness and being awake to what you feed your heart and mind can affect your entire being and output even unconsciously, each and every individual will make a firm commitment and deliberate act to be what and who you are called to be.
We need to understand it plainly that our conscious living affects the unconscious living, it produces the default life we live.
The bottom line is that “the conscious births the unconscious” and it is required of us to again make the right choice at all times knowing that what ever we dwell, meditate and deliberate on gradually creeps into our thoughts and actions even uninvited.
Why do you think most parents censor what their children view on TV? I can tell it is because they know for sure that apart from the values that they try to instil in their children,  television play a tremendous part and sometimes beyond    that of parents. Hence the commensurate action of protecting the children from being exposed to what should not be. I believe that, the same effort we put in to protect our children and their future should be applied where our destinies are concerned because securing it will hasten and support us in securing our children’s as well.
Check out the great leaders that ever lived or are still living, you will see that most of them share something in common when your read their biography ” they were conscious about what they want to become and so consciously they went to work until their unconsciousness recognised and followed suit.
If your unconsciousness is still at disparity with your consciousness, there is still work to do and it must be done fast if you must “become”
This theory of conscious and unconscious sounds to me like “practise makes perfect” even though some school of thought believes it makes permanent not necessarily perfect whichever way I am down with it because it some how portrays my understanding of the topic. In the practicing your consciousness is exhibited through its unfolding in your unconsciousness. Several things affect your consciousness towards your unconsciousness.  They include the following:

1. Your aim and purpose

2. Your timing

3. Your expected result

Some people might still think even though all you stated above affect my consciousness, why should I bother anyway? These are why you should :

1.  It determines your focus
2. It moulds your character
3. It opens the door to your results
4. It determines the quantum of your harvest
5. It helps unfold your abilities
6. It is a duty to yourself and humanity

Why wouldn’t you follow through the road that to a large extent ensure  you live your dream and at the time empowers you to transition into having longevity in what you do or intend doing. It ensures you stay inspired and live inspired by default.
I feel why some fall in and out of what we believe or what we search is because we have taken up the course meant for another and may realise this after we have gone deep into the course and because we have travelled so far on that wrong road we sometimes do not have the courage or audacity to turnaround to make true the right calling. Remember, if this persists or continues due to your inability to take up your course, certain things may never be right in your life because your path to destiny may remain rough and so you may never set foot onto fulfilment – this forms part of your duty to consciousness.

We have been told in the Bible to study, so as to show ourselves approved but I can tell the content of that statement “soak yourself in the word of God so you can come out smoking of it, so you can exhibit nothing but the word, so you can live and even express the word by default”
Jesus has given us a language and it is “positive proclamation” He said it, let the weak say I am strong and the poor say I am rich meaning that we should not define us based on our situations and problems but according to the word of God. When we confess or speak the language different from our father’s tongue(Jesus), we contradict ourselves and our lives become paradoxical to our belief.

Always ask yourself what you have soaked yourself in or rather what you drip of shows what you are made of.
Be deliberate about all things good and profitable and you can be sure that against all odds your unconsciousness will portray same, just like that.

Dare to dream always

Ngozi Alao

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