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Deal With Your Fears- Probing The Status Quo Contd.


It is ok to have fear in you but it is not ok to allow that fear keep you down or dictate how your future or dreams play out. For every set back in life or endeavours, there is an act of fear assuming or taking responsibility. This means that we have in one way or the other given over the responsibility of our lives to fear rather than take control or responsibility.
I have a question, if you find yourself drowning in a river(God forbid), are you going to allow yourself just go without trying to save your soul? I am really sure you are going to put up a fight, that is the way to deal with fears. You don’t just run back, you face it.
Do you know what fear does? It makes us live a life of gamble and mediocre, if we do not deal with it.  This is because rather than go on that road that would lead us to the proper assignment, we tend to cut corners out of fear and eventually fall out of the line of destiny. When we live in fear, we trouble shoot with our future all because we are not ready or prepared to face the real problem. In fact, fear makes you rather go for the easy way out instead of of facing the giant which will  result in us jeopardising our destiny. You know what? When you do not face the giants of your life which we would always have, it is called “giving up, giving in or surrendering” and all those three should not describe any of us who has a dream and a purpose to fulfil. How can we achieve victory when we have not been in a battle, when we have not dealt with our fears.
Not dealing with your fears means you have abandoned your course and the route that leads to your purpose and destiny. Dealing with your fears, amounts to taking up challenges accruing to you due to your dreams and aspirations. Remember, for every victory attained, it leads you to the next assignment and re-assurance that you have to be in it to win it not by proxy. It is ok to fear but unacceptable not to deal with your fears or to allow your fears overwhelm and swallow your future and destiny plus all those whose destinies are tied to yours.
Beware! Not dealing with your fears is like cutting off a lifeline and life itself, it is like burying a dream and a purpose, just for excuses. For those who wish and is working towards affecting their world they must deal with all their fears, they must cut off all excuses. I can tell you that those who have and run billion dollar businesses were at one point in their lives faced with some kind of fears but they kept on and continued despite those fears because they knew what they wanted and they did not overlook the God factor neither. They know for sure that their hopes, aspirations, dreams as well as purpose are bigger than the fears and challenges that they face. They know that fear has only one purpose, to thwart their plans and what do they do? Step on it(fear) and do their thing because that’s the only way to go, forward.

To deal with your fears, you must understand the following:

1. It is ok to fear.
2. You must face your fears and walk through it
3. Fear is only a challenge, so deal with it like one.
4. You must know that your dream is bigger than that fear
5. When you give in to fear, you give up a dream.
6. Other peoples dreams are tied to yours, so you must not fail out of fear.
7. Fear is just another excuse.
8. Not dealing with your fears is an act of cutting corners.
9. Ask questions, ain’t nothing new under the sun.

Keep probing the status quo by dealing with your fears and dare to dream always.

Ngozi Alao

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4 Responses to Deal With Your Fears- Probing The Status Quo Contd.

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  4. Seyi says:

    Great! Fear or other limiting beliefs are to be acknowledged, identified, challenged(probed) and eliminated on a continuous basis in order to forge on to a beautiful future.

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