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My passion,My drive.

I have passion for victory and I am convinced a great number of people who yearn for positive change, must some how have passion for something.

What is passion to you? I would say it is that which you love to represent and defend by all means legitimate and at all cost. It is that strong desire to accomplish something or to get something done.

If you are a fan of this blog, you would have noticed a regular reference to my daughters(I have them all four) and one strong passion I have bubbling in me is to show the world that there is everything good and definitely nothing wrong with or in having daughters or being one by the way and to direct us all towards exploring the potentials associated with femininity.

My passion is to encourage the daughters of Africa and the world at large to dare and to dream in everything that has virtue embedded in it and explore where they are called weak.
It is that passion that has given birth to this blog and much more, including the journey in other forms through which girl child in all cadres can be empowered to change the world.

Passion is the visa that admits you into the territory where your destiny is and the drive takes you right to the spot where your destiny is situate.
It is definitely ok to be passionate about something not anything,if you are about the latter then your name must be “Jack”.
Beware of what you are passionate about, it better be worth your while because it will surely take your time,attention,focus and much more until success is recorded.
After success is attained, the drive is increased because inside of the success/ successes are born new passions that are in all parameters related to the original passion but will ensure that greater grounds are covered.
In pursuit of your passion leave no stone unturned, tackle all challenges and as you overcome each of those challenges, you’ll draw more strength from your victories and all that combined announces you anyway.

Do not ignore your passion it is only in it you will truly find fulfilment,true success and real victory on every side.
Remember, you will only achieve if you only follow through and through to your passion.

Dare to dream against all odds
Ngozi Alao

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4 Responses to My passion,My drive.

  1. ibyyyy says:

    Once again I leave here , yearning for next week’s post .

  2. Rose says:

    Passion is the ‘high’ that keep us working inspite of ourselves. Like a medication, you control it when you take in and then it controls you till it ebbs away or refuelled

  3. florence Omatsola Edun says:

    Way back @ school I tagged my self A WOMAN OF PURPOSE AND PASSION…….And that is what most of my friends call me…..is always good when you have passion for something. As for me I have passion for children I love children and am a children teacher in church and my purpose is to raise Godly children and bring them up in God’s way. Am also working on a project right now that has to do with stopping child abuse and molestation in our society. Is a group of young women. With passion for children coming together to go create awareness in places like schools communities,rural areas,villages and towns. The purpose is to get our minors and teens and teenage girls aware of any form of sexual abuses. it came out of the passion I have for children

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