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Progressive Discipline- Probing the status quo contd.

Discipline is best described as a training to act in accordance with certain rules. It is also an activity that develops or improves a skill, it means to follow a particular code or conduct. Progressive means to proceed, step by step.
Discipline is work in progress and as such cannot be attained in a day or accomplished once and for all and so, Progressive discipline can be termed as the act of following a particular code or conduct to promote change step by step.
Every new day comes with a new temptation, challenge and desires as well as a sort of new attempt or trial on your emotional intelligence. We must always arm ourselves with our goals which is our yard stick to enable us measure our output and progress.
The temptation and challenges of today, may not be the same as that which you will experience tomorrow or next and we require progressive discipline to continue and to endure to the end.
My mum once gave me a small sized diary in the early 90′s, each page containing a Chinese proverb but one caught my attention and I never will forget it. The proverb says ” show me a man who can’t get use to bifocal and I’ll show you a  man with his head held high”. This is my interpretation of the proverb ” for you to achieve your set goal, you would have to stay in the place of a continued discipline in all alertness to sway distraction.
Progressive discipline is a sacrifice or price that is continuous, to attain it the word YOYO must be deleted from your dictionary.
It is like loosing weight, you don’t have to eat right for one year and eat anything the following year, no. You must be consistent to achieve that dream body. Progressive discipline means you have to work it out to earn it. It teaches me to go for whatever I want by discovering the processes and abiding by them.
For every course or journey in life, there is a process and protocol that must be observed according to nature, science or laws. Trying to by-pass the process may jeopardise or terminate your journey and that is utter indiscipline. In this game, your obedience must be total so as to get the expected result. You must endure in your course.
It is a simple and systematic formula to achieving our dreams, goals and aspirations. It is a like a road map and once followed, navigation is made easy and destination sure, despite the challenges one might encounter.

To achieve progressive discipline, bear the following in mind, it will help:

1. It is an inevitable ingredient in the recipe of life achievements.
2. Say no to distractions and short-cuts, they are mirage.
3. Define your start and finish line.
4. Understand the process and follow through.
5. It may take some time.
6. It is achievable.
7. It leads to sustainability.

Remember, the ultimate thing is staying on course through it all, a step at a time and following the due process, that is progressive discipline and it pays against all odds.
Dare to dream always,

Ngozi Alao

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