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Never has gold been found on the surface, never has oil been scooped from the river, never!

Everything in life has got laws and processes governing it, including seeking to find.Everyday, I think about becoming better and I know for sure that the only way it will work for me is by putting some action to the thought and that starts from seeking and knowing what is required and applying them on time.

Back to the process of finding gold. I once saw a documentary on TV involving two(2) European men who came down to Africa in search of gold, of course to make money. They got people back home to invest in their quest. Down in Africa – Ghana , they were taken to the area where gold is mined to pay for space so as to begin their escapade. After acquiring their space, they hired the machine they needed to excavate and crush the materials lifted from the earth so as to make it easier for them to extract gold, if any. They paid for all these services plus a navigator but they did not get result.
Guess what, despite all the disappointments they did not pack up to leave the dream they left their comfort zone to pursue down in Africa. They kept on.
It is in the keeping on and in the endurance in your seeking that your opportunity show up. Better put, your opportunities are hidden in the actions and applications of your seeking galore.

I am going to define the word ‘seek’ to the best of my ability and understanding before heading for the dictionary. I will advice that you do this also in your quiet time and then compare with that in the dictionary.

To seek, means to sojourn into what can be despite the present.  To seek represents the action that leads to modification of the status quo. It is the beginning to change, it is a change catalyst and agent.
Hey! Seeking is simply the application of principles and strategies especially divine.
How is it possible to modify a thing without the will and desire to cause change, that is to say that there must be some kind of seeking, some kind of action.
To seek, is definitely not for those who has given up, it is for those who are resilient and steadfast. To seek, you must be ready to stay the course. For once you lay your hands on that plough, the watch word becomes no looking back until I win.

Just as in the process of finding gold, it ain’t going to be easy but if you endure to the end, your trophy is sure.
For the seekers, they recognise the night of their life but do not stay in it because they understand the law of gravity, that which goes up will come down and so they know that their morning is going to show up because as long as they understand the hidden truth in Genesis 1, that we are made in the image of God and after his likeness, then when we seek solution to what so ever, we will find and para venture it is not yet in existence we will make it happen by creating one. To leave ugly things in our lives to remain is suicide, it shows we are not making a move, it defines us as dormant, it explains we have not sought for the required change.

Hey! That’s not our nature to just sit around and watch things go from bad to worse in our lives, environment, family, career, health, children, education, spiritual lives, world, no!
Let us make a drastic resolution by seeking out the way out, the solution is in us already. We need to make it happen by awakening that which has been deposited in us right from creation.

When to start seeking :

1. In the state of  dissatisfaction

2. Look around you, is there something to change?

3. Where problem exists

4. When something can be made better

5. When out of the place of destiny

6. When you think you deserve better

Do not be afraid to seek , nor should you ever think that your venture into the realm and world of seeking would be in vain because when You begin to seek, you develop a tremendous affinity, attraction and ability to solve problems, to build and transform.
To seek magnates opportunities towards you because your mind, spirit, soul and body are focused, directed and geared on it, no bifocals.
When in the seeking domain, you are literarily driving to your opportunity(ties) which is your means to affecting your world. When you seek, you make the choice of following up with your dreams.

These are the qualities of a true seeker:

1. You must have taken a decision
2. You must be involved, stay the course.
3. You must have been convinced
4. Be ready to improve on your processes
5. Consistency is required
6. Above all, you must be solution oriented
7. Selflessness is a key character.

None of the above must be missing if the opportunity must show up. To be successful, you must be a pathfinder, the seeker!

In conclusion, when you begin to tell yourself and your world something like” this is not all I am” then you know you are a seeker. Believe me, if what and who you are now is not all you are, then it is time to be troubled in a positive light and when you are troubled, you would want to do something about it and that is to change the situation, this pops up an earnest desire which leads you to a seeking state through which you find change and the  lies your opportunity(ties) to your greatness and I know you will grab them because you did not come this far to slack.
Opportunities open up to you because your entire being is geared towards reeling out lasting solutions to problems and in that quest, your knowledge is highly broadened and advanced and your chances of success multiplied and becomes even clearer and sure over the ordinary man who refused to chart this course of seeking.

Need I say more? Let’s swing into action, seek to find a solution because the lies an opportunity against all odds.

Dare to dream always,

Ngozi Alao.

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